COVID-19 Emergency Plan

Covid-19 Emergency Plan
Effective April 13th, 2020

As a matter of public safety to assist in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, effective Thursday, March 19th, Somervell County Senior Center will suspend congregate meals, group activities and classes until further notice. Our MEALS ON WHEELS PROGRAM WILL NOT be discontinued; however, the Center will be closed to the public.

For those who require congregate (in house) meals, while the dining room is closed, SCCOA will continue to offer meals for curbside pickup as a CARRY OUT MEALS ONLY, based on availability. Currently funding is limited for Curb Side Meals, therefore we would appreciate a donation of $3.75 per meal. For citizens under 60 curbside pick-up meals are available at a cost of $5.50. Please call for details.
If you need a meal, please call 254-897-2139 before 9:30. Meals will be waiting in the front of the building at 12 Noon Monday thru Friday. Please remain in your vehicle and we will give you your meal. Please bring exact change if possible.

Glen Rose is a community and now is the time we all need to work together. If you can afford an additional donation to help continue funding our necessary services, it will be greatly appreciated.
If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to call. We will do what we can within the strict guidelines set forth in this state of emergency. If we are unable to assist you, we will do our best to direct you to the service provider you need.

Somervell County Committee on Aging


Somervell County Committee on Aging coordinates services for persons who are 60+ and their spouses, with emphasis on frail, minority and low income citizens from Somervell County.
209 SW Barnard P O Box 1397 Glen Rose TX 76043 US (254) 897-2139

The Center is also a resource for the entire Community, regardless of age, providing services and information on aging, and assisting family and friends who care for older adults. The programs provided give the opportunity for older individuals to maintain independence in their own homes through involvement in Senior Center activities and a variety of services provided by the SCCOA.

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Somervell County Committee On Aging
Somervell County Committee On Aging
A new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was recently detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China and is causing an outbreak of respiratory illness. The 2019-nCoV outbreak began in December 2019, and Chinese health officials have reported thousands of 2019‑nCoV infections in China, including some that resu...
Somervell County Committee On Aging
Somervell County Committee On Aging
Today at 5:00 pm is your last chance for early voting. Many brave citizens across the generations have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this sacred right. If you have not already done so we encourage you to VOTE for the candidate of your choice!
Somervell County Committee On Aging
Somervell County Committee On Aging
Postcard from the 1930's picturing the dam built by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in 1934 on the Paluxy in Glen Rose. The remnants of this dam can still be seen just south of the bridge today. The dam had to be destroyed in the 1940's because is contributed to flooding. Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau #WPA #dam #paluxyriver #glenrosetx #somervellcounty #greatdepression
Somervell County Committee On Aging
Somervell County Committee On Aging
This cabin located behind Sugar biscuits on the square originally was located about a mile north on Shot Gun Road. John St. Helens whose real identity was alleged to be that of John Wilkes Booth the assassin of President LIncoln in 1865. He lived in this cabin during his stay in Glen Rose. Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau #Johnwilkebooth #Johnsthelen #Lincolnassassination

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